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The ‘People’ landing screen shows a profile picture or avatar of all your family’s members. For each user their Points Bank and a green or red circle showing whether they are above or below their points target respectively is displayed. There is also the option to switch the view to weekly points at the top of the screen.

Tapping on someone’s photo or avatar will take you through to that person’s Profile. Within their Profile you’ll find a bar chart showing how many points someone has earned that week. Parents can set a weekly target for their children and if their kids haven’t done anything they can even give them a nudge. Below this is a historical activity list and you can tap the cross on any card to remove that activity and any points or rewards associated with it.

Tapping on the photo or avatar will allow a user to edit their personal information including name, email, profile picture/avatar and password.

If your family uses a shared device, there is the option at the bottom of the ‘People’ landing screen to easily switch between users.

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    There is no screen called "people." There is no option to switch users on the Family screen. Where can I find this?

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    also missing the ability to set a weekly target -- why is the documentation so off sync with the app?

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    Audrey Frank

    Response from support-
    Hi Audrey,

    You can switch between profiles by going into the Rewards section and tapping on the profile avatar in the top left hand corner.



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    Aleksy Goroszko

    The app keeps constantly missing child's picture uploaded from theirs device. The picture is available as long user is logged in, when logged out and logged in again - the picture is gone

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