How do I restrict what my kids can access and do?

You can control what your kids can access and do in two important ways. 

1. Set a personal password for all the parent accounts. This will mean your kids will no longer be able to log into your account with the shared family password nor will they will be able to switch into your account. Whereas if you set a personal password for them they'll still be able to log into your account with the shared family password. To do this go into Settings > Household > Family members > Tap on your account > Edit password.

2. Go into Settings > Permissions and turn off any permissions that you don't want them to have. By default kids are set as non-admins but if you've changed this then you'll need to change it back for these permissions to work. 

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    sarah tester

    there is no child permissions section in the settings?

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    Trish Murison

    There is no child permissions under Settings? This app doesn't work as is because a child can change any and all settings on a task (e.g. points assigned)

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    Jeff Drake

    This doesn’t seem to work. As Sarah and Trish said, there doesn’t seem to be any way to keep a child from doing things (e.g. marking their own chores as complete).

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