Add a task by tapping the + in the top right hand corner. Simply enter a task name, time and category. By default, task points will be equal to time entered; however by tapping the point value a custom point entry can be made.

You can also switch off points for a task (this may be appropriate where a task is expected to be done without reward.)

For full control, you can assign a task to anyone in your house, and by tapping schedule you can enter a due date, task frequency and reminder.

To save time, if you decide not to schedule and assign tasks, OurHome’s smart ranking algorithm will create a default ranking list that shows all tasks ranked by importance for each individual user.

To make finding tasks easier, tasks can be filtered by category using the coloured tabs at the top of the tasks screen. The five categories are Meals, Cleaning, General, Learning and Outdoors.

Each task card shows the most important information for that task. If the task has been assigned, small profile pictures on the right will show who that task has been assigned to. Tapping the task card will take you to more information and will allow you to modify any of the task details.

To record a task as completed, either tap the tick on the left or swipe the card to the right.

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