Add an item to the shopping list by tapping the + in the top right hand corner. Simply enter the item name, the quantity and the category for that item. Added items will appear in ‘Our List’ which is your household’s shared shopping list. OurHome’s shopping list is smart and works out the most important items for your household and prioritizes these at the top on the list.

To make things easy to find, items can be filtered using the coloured tabs at the top of the screen, and each category is pre-populated with commonly purchased grocery items to choose from. During a shop, once an item is added to your basket simply tap the tick or swipe the card to the right to remove the item from the list. If you no longer require an item, delete it from the list by swiping the card to the left.

When compiling your next shopping list, tapping the ‘past purchases’ section will allow you to quickly add things you have purchased in the past saving you plenty of time.

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