How did the idea come about?

After releasing the popular sharehouse app, Fairshare, the team realised there was also an overwhelming need for a similar tool in the family home environment. We spoke to countless families across the world who confirmed this, so we set about developing OurHome. We were passionate about creating an app that could assist both parents and children with achieving positive outcomes in the family and in doing so create a learning platform that fosters beneficial habits and behaviours to be carried on into later life.

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    David Pabst

    Hi Jules. Thank you for creating OurHome! Unfortunately, it hasn't been working for months. Any chance it will be fixed soon? Our children would at least like our point total values if it is being decommissioned. Preferably though, we would love the app to work again!
    It's hard to understand why the website and support sites are up and still being paid for, but we can't sign in anymore with bizarre error messages like "Could not connect to Internet. Changes will not be saved."
    I can't find any decent replacement for OurHome.

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