How do I create a new task for multiple children?

If you're creating the new task for multiple children you can do this by tapping on all your children who you'd like to do the task in the Assign section and then when you hit save the app will create a separate, but identical, task for each of your children. 

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    Jim Johansen

    How can I create a task that multiple people have the option to do but once the task is done by someone it is completed and no one else can do it? Example 3 kids task mow the lawn and want them to have the choice who wants to do it.

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    David Bailey

    Agreed. There are common space household tasks that need to be done (such as vacuum the basement, or mow the lawn), but don't need to be done once for each child (such as clean your room). There needs to be a way to have a task that anyone can claim for points, but which disappears for all family members until the next repeat date.

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    John Higo

    Agreed, this would be a very useful feature. I would say necessary for this app to function properly.

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