Task categories

There are five default categories – meals, cleaning, general, learning and outdoors. You can filter tasks based on categories by swiping the people filters from the left and tapping the grey ‘switch’ button. You can also edit these categories by swiping the category filters from left again and tapping the grey ‘categories’ button. You’ll then see your five categories and you can select the one that you wish to edit first.


In the ‘category details’ view you’ll see three sections, the category name at the top, a row of colorful circles in the middle, and three rows of icons at the bottom. You can change the category name to anything you like by simply tapping on the white box surrounding the name. To select your preferred color, slide the colorful circles from the right to view all the options to choose from. At the bottom there are three rows of icons to choose from and if you tap an icon twice your category name will change to that icons default title. Once you hit ‘save’ in the top right hand corner the category changes will be updated for everyone in your household and any tasks from the existing category will be automatically re-categorized.


The task category will determine the color stripe shown on the left-hand side of that task throughout the app and it will also determine how the personal profile charts look. The main thing though is to choose the five most relevant categories to your household.

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    Betsey Jones

    What if you have two kitchen categories and you want to delete one, how do you do that?

  • Avatar
    Kelly Kroslakova

    What if you want your categories in alphabetical order because you have added some?

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